Perfectly designed
to harness life
enhancing energy

A harmonious integration of
architecture and Feng Shui

Fully embracing the principles of Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese philosophy that studies the relationship between people and their surroundings to bring about balance and harmony – Dusit Central Park is expertly designed to optimise the natural flow of energy from wind (Feng) and water (Shui) at the park and integrate nature into all aspects of design and landscaping.

The project’s meticulously planned configuration also draws energy from the highly favourable wind directions of North and East to lend a positive influence on overall well-being.

Additionally, Dusit Central Park is situated exactly where a highly desirable confluence of energy from nature, people and traffic congregate fortuitously in one place.

Designed with this propitious location in mind, the perfectly conceived architectural layout features three high-rise towers and a lifestyle retail structure, orientated towards the park in a north-eastern direction to fully harness this advantageous energy flow. Park and city are seamlessly joined together as life enhancing energy is captured by the tall facades of the three towers and additional retail structure, reflected down onto the green landscaped podium below, and dispersed back up throughout the entire development, ensuring that the cooling and calming aspect of wind and water flow steadily throughout.

45° to
Rama IV

45° to
Rama IV

Parallel to the Park

Dusit Central Park
Here for Bangkok

Adding an intriguing architectural dimension to the skyline between park and city that will increase Bangkok’s appeal and become the new standard for future mixed-use projects, this landmark development merges ingenious design, unrivalled connectivity and exceptionally rewarding lifestyle experiences together in one unique location.

An engaging array of choices for both business and pleasure are on offer at Dusit Central Park. Encompassing four diverse elements consisting of a five-star hotel, Iuxury residences, premium office space and a retail complex, Dusit Central Park is envisioned as a complete lifestyle destination for the people of Bangkok. Well designed to appeal to all ages and interests, whether professional or personal, this abundance of lifestyle options is sure to make Dusit Central Park a dynamic social centre for locals and visitors alike.


The new 259 room Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel is a flagship property inspired by a rich artistic and architectural heritage. Retaining elements of gracious Thai hospitality from the past while incorporating innovative new technologies, the new Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel will be perfectly primed to provide visitors and guests with memorable experiences for generations to come.


Drawing from experience as Thailand’s leading hospitality service provider, two uniquely appealing lifestyle concepts will be available for your selection. Dusit Residences will present the epitome of sophistication and refined living, while Dusit Parkside will offer a stylishly contemporary living space; both have sweeping park and city views with five-star facilities and services provided by Dusit Thani.


Central Park will deliver a myriad of choices to please different preferences in a retail environment that will enliven and elevate your shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Designed to blend an interactive fusion of art, architecture, fashion, inspiration, culture and culinary experiences, this retail development will feature well-curated and iconic brands to become a ground-breaking social space for the future, forming the heart of the community at Dusit Central Park.


Central Park Offices will offer emerging and established businesses a convenient professional hub where creativity and productivity are fuelled by the synergy of park, mall and offices, seamlessly connected in one destination. A new kind of premium office space, state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure promote a genuine work/life balance that will unlock potential and accelerate growth, making Central Park Offices the perfect location for businesses that value connectivity and rapid advancement.

Here for
a lush quality of life


Inspired by the lushness of parkside surroundings, this spacious multi-terraced 7-rai (11,200 square metres) Roof Park located on top of the retail complex is designed to merge the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, acting as an extension of Lumpini Park. Beautifully laid out landscaped gardens and shady seating areas will bring a breath of fresh air to urban living, improving quality of life and encouraging people in Bangkok to be healthier by offering a place to relax and unwind.

Dusit Residences features grand homes with stunning park vistas, ideal for those who desire a timelessly classic and private living space with close connections to the city. Tastefully furnished, Asian inspired décor with a subtle Thai sensibility brings together inviting colour combinations and accents of luxurious natural materials and fine finishes to this splendid sanctuary in the city.

View Dusit Residences

Dusit Parkside is an elegantly contemporary city home with gorgeous views of the park and effortless access to an urban lifestyle. Characterful and bold while still retaining a refined sensitivity, this modern living space features specially selected décor with spots of accent colour inspired by proximity to the vibrant city below.

View Dusit Parkside

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