‘Dusit Central Park’ Unveils a Stunning New ‘Green Lung’ in the Heart of Bangkok Lush 7-rai Elevated Roof Park Envisioned for Silom’s Central Business District

August 13, 2020
August 13, 2020

Introducing a refreshing new urban design concept, Dusit Central Park unveils a stunning Roof Park that will become an integral part of its grand-scale mixed-use development at the inter- section of Silom Road. Under the concept ‘Here for Bangkok, this expansive 20-metre high landscaped garden extends from the top of the 3rd floor continuously through to the 7th floor, creating a verdant 7-rai elevated public park that will transform the heart of Bangkok. Prioritising environmental responsibility and quality of life over profit, this green city concept will revolutionise Thailand’s prime real estate development sector; enhancing the value of one of Bangkok’s most desirable locations by providing easy access to health promoting public green spaces.

This prime 7-rai plot opposite Lumpini Park could have easily been developed with maximum profit in mind, but Vimarn Suriya sees things differently. Ms. Suphajee Suthumpun, Chief Executive Officer of Dusit International Group, disclosed that she envisions the ‘Roof Park’ as the green heart of Dusit Central Park. This vision will see Bangkok’s finest real estate transformed into a substantial green social space for the public and community to enjoy.

Ms. Suphajee said that real estate development by Dusit Thani Group will progress hand-in-hand with urban planning and community development. This will usher in a new metropolitan era, bringing Bangkok on par with other major world cities. The design of this unique elevated park will bring nature into the city, providing lush panoramic views that extend all the way to Lumpini Park. This will create a new green lung for Bangkok, forming a sustainable ecosystem that blends urban ecology with natural elements to enhance quality of life for city dwellers. The Roof Park is sure to become an outstanding feature of Dusit Central Park, transforming the development into an instantly recognisable and iconic destination in Bangkok, one that will attract locals and guests alike.

This vast green Roof Park situated in the very centre of the city will incorporate 3 fundamental design principles: (1) Preserve Dusit Thani’s unique Thai cultural identity and heritage, inspired by lush tropical plants and cascading waterfalls; (2) Create community friendly green social spaces easily accessible to the public for relaxation and lifestyle activities; (3) Form a sustainable and thriving urban ecosystem based on careful selection of local plants species native to Bangkok.

Based on a study conducted to learn about native plant species found in the Bangkok area from references found in classical Thai literature such as Niras Phukhaothong and Niras Suphanburi, indigenous trees and flowers will be carefully selected to beautifully landscape the elevated Roof Park. Trees, flowers and grasses of varying sizes such as Pandan, Water Pennywort, Homalomena Rebescens, Peace Lily, Black Colocasia, Sonneratia Caseolaris and Equisetum Debile are just a few that will be included.

“Vimarn Suriya Co., Ltd. has commissioned Landscape Collaboration Co., Ltd, to design the landscape architecture for this entire Roof Park project, with an aim to add another green area to Bangkok which will help circulate fresh air and alleviate urban heat. The area will be fully functional, creating a diverse ecosystem that will be ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly,” said Ms. Suphajee. Designed to resemble a sloping hillside, this 7-rai elevated public park will sit at the centre of the capital, surrounded by Dusit Central Park’s high rise structures. A lush, natural atmosphere is created via an assortment of plants big and small. Shady trees, flowering plants and green grasses populate each level of the elevated garden along with a cascading waterfall that extends from the 3rd floor of the retail structure to the 7th floor of Dusit Central Park.

This environmentally conscious design perfectly creates an exceptionally natural ambience that blends harmoniously into the existing cityscape. No matter where you stand in the elevated garden, your eyes will naturally be drawn towards Lumpini Park’s sweeping panoramic vistas, echoing those of Central Park in New York City. This landmark development by Dusit Central Park will effectively form the largest and only green lung in metropolitan Bangkok by seamlessly blending together two extensive green areas.

Designed to maximise usage and functionality in order to enhance quality of life in the city, the Roof Park will bring people closer to nature and each other within a flourishing green social setting. No matter your age or interests, many activities and leisure areas are available for your enjoyment. Leisure facilities and lifestyle amenities on offer include dining options at Food Passage, an outdoor picnic area, a children’s playground, jogging and cycling tracks, as well as a nature track for active walking or a relaxing stroll in natural surroundings. Furthermore, the park provides spaces for various lifestyle and cultural activities such as art exhibitions, music performances, movies, workshops and other mini events.

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